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Subaru stuttering

The issue is not consistent, it happens the most when I apply throttle from an idle but it also happens occasionally when I try to rev match. I replaced the injectors about 2 months ago for a misfiring issue - however I feel as though the stuttering problem may be somewhere in the fuel system.

My first thought was that instead of touching your injectors which rarely fail why didnt you go toward a simple tune up first? I believe this engine still uses spark plug wires… they are often overlooked and left on a vehicle until failure…and that failure mode is sometimes maddening and intermittent when they begin to deteriorate. I would have gone for spark plugs and wires far far far before ever touching or even suspecting an injector.

Unless engine codes told me otherwise. In fact that is what you should be doing now. Plugs before wires…see what happens…still there? Then do the wires….

Any engine codes associated with this or is it outside the engine computers knowledge? Do the basics and let us know… Spark plugs…and then wires… Or you can do them both at the same time and not know which solved the problem. The car is running a COBB stage 2 tune.

That being said, do you suppose the plugs or wires could have gone bad in the last 2 months? Also - injectors on these cars fail allllllll the time. Wow… that is quite a lot of information that could have been very useful to …say, a mechanic, who is trying to help you via an online forum….

The Key piece of info is the Tune…not that you replaced injectors. Have you had any of these injectors tested? In what manner do they fail? Just a thought. I did not do the tune myself, the tune was installed by a credible shop when the previous owner had it.

Admittedly tuning is something I am very unfamiliar with. As for the injectors, my car had a misfiring issue.I recently bought a subaru legacy outback It "slips" sometimes, mostly when the gear is just shifted from P to D or R and it kind of stops slipping when you hit the gas. I would say you are having internal transmission problems. Maybe you should consider having the transmission fluid drained and replaced.

While you are at that you may also want to consider changing the transmission filter as well. Then road test vehicle and see if that makes a difference.

subaru stuttering

If this doesn't help then you may need to have your automatic transmission bands adjusted. But do this as soon as possible if you decide to have it done.

Some other things you can consider would be the transmission linkage itself This may need either adjustment or lubracation as well.

Something else you can try is the transmission modulator When these act up the transmission will not shift correctly either. Another thing would be the torque converter This can cause all kinds of trouble if it is going bad.

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Check your transmission lines as well You may also have a sensor or relay that is goiong bad as well. Hope this helps you. This problem has got to be electrical in nature. Have your mechanic check and clean all of the sensors associated with the intake side of the engine air temp, air volume meters, etc. I'm thinking that one of your sensors are dirty from oil blow by and is giving bad info to the ECU.

The next thing to check would be the ECU and so on. You might be confusing this problem a bit. What it sounds like is when you put it in gear the RPMs on the motor are dropping and making the car shake and stutter. You probably just need to adjust the idle speed on the throttle body up about rpms to smooth it out. Have you checked the auto transmission oil level? It sounds like it may be low. Answer Save. Linda R Lv 4. Favorite Answer.

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How to Fix Sticking/Stuttering Subaru Gauge Cluster Motors! - Illumaesthetic Motor Fix Tutorial

Evelyn Lv 4. When you put the car in gear in ANY car the rpms drop and that what you are feeling. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions?

Car stutters at 4500 RPM

Get your answers by asking now.Subaru Impreza Forum. When they serviced the car did they change plugs are they gapped right also check the coil pack seeing you have HT leads are the HT leads on nice and tight round the plug are they a genuine subaru part, failing that might be a dodgy coilpack hope it helps. Last edited by stiimpreza; 14 Jan at AM. Had something similar with mine, missing only when cruising at normal road speed - never when accelerating.

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subaru stuttering

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Digg this Thread! Bookmark in Technorati. Tweet this thread.FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Why is my Subaru stuttering after a fillup? For the past few months, I've noticed that in the short period after I fill up my car with gas, it stutters on acceleration -- not terribly, and not so much that I feel like I'm in danger of stalling, but definitely a noticeable stuttering that wasn't there before.

2015 Subaru Forester transmission issues

Like I said, this only ever happens for the ten or fifteen minutes after I fill up, and then never again until the next fill-up. I don't have any stuttering or idling problems in the cold, immediately after starting my car normally, or any of that; my check engine light isn't on and doesn't come on during these periodsmy gas cap is nice and tight, and I was last serviced about 6K miles ago.

subaru stuttering

A few details: the car is a Subaru Outback Limited Edition with a manual transmission, I fill it up with 87 octane gas as I always haveno major driving pattern changes in a few years. The car has less than 50K miles on it to date. I'm not the most trusting person when it comes to my local Subaru dealer long storyso I was looking for a little advice as to what might be causing the problem before I bring it into someone to take a look.

Any auto mechanics out there who have a few ideas to toss into the ring?

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Maybe a gas cap venting issue? Gas caps have vents, and sometimes thy fail. As an experiment, next time you fill it up leave the gas cap off for a few miles and see if the problem goes away.

If it does, get a new gas cap. If it doesn't, no problem. Also, don't run the gas down to almost empty. Whatever deposits you have in the tank are highly concentrated in the remaining fuel, and if there are a lot it is possible you are stirring up a lot of sediment when you fiill the tank, and this takes some time to settle back out.

It's speculation, but if this is the case, it's also time to change the fuel filter. That low fuel light is there as a "You. I'm not sure what the exact recommendation on fuel filter changes these days are, but I generally replace mine every 12k miles, a habit taught me by my grandfather from the carb days.

They're not very expensive and I think they fall into the preventative maintenance category. Also, don't overfill i. I had fun with my evap system and canister on my relatively new Honda because of my bad habit of doing that. Your car needs that little bit of extra room in the tank to return unused fuel from the fuel rail to the tank. Without that ability, strange things can happen. I think a lot of Subaru's of that age range specify in the owner's manual to use at least 89 octane fuel, to prevent engine knocking.

Check the owner's manual. I don't overfill, though, ever -- some time ago, I learned about what moitz mentioned, so I always just let the pump automatically stop filling, and then leave it at that.Sign In with Edmunds.

This is my 2nd Subaru Is this normal? Seems to have plenty of power otherwise. Seems to happen worse when the engine is cold.

My first car was a Legacy and did not have this issue. Have taken it in once to look at and they couldn't find anything wrong Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign in or Register. On Edmunds. Visit Edmunds How-To Guides. Service Centers in.

Stuttering On Acceleration

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August edited August in Subaru. Can anyone enlighten me on this? November I bought a Forester Limited this summer. I have the same stutter issue at very low speeds. I have not yet taken it in for the mile checkup.

Will ask them then. I wonder if it's a carburetor setting for high altitude, bought it from a Colorado dealer use it in Tennessee. August My understanding is this is a common issue. This may be a software issue. Maybe the dealer can do update the software. Cars haven't had carburetors for many years. I think the computer makes adjustments for altitude. It has a CVT, so there aren't 'gears', just a computer controlling how it reacts to the gas pedal.

I'd be checking with the dealer periodically for software updates, as others have mentioned. June I too have experienced this issue on my Forester Premium with 26K.

I would describe it as a jerky feeling as you accelerate with light to medium throttle with the RPMs around I own a Subaru Outback 6cyl wagon. To a non-mechanic, it feels like the fuel supply is sputtering.

We have had it to the mechanic 5 times 3 times to Subaru dealer and, of course, the problem will not showcase itself during these visits.

Only once did the check engine light come on, and that reported a possible problem with the throttle position sensor. Please help. This car is not safe to drive and we have an upcoming vacation planned. Has the fuel pressure been checked? Intermittent, Oh my lord. Finally someone who knows what I have been going through!!! I have been dealing with this exact same problem for over 6 months and 3 week long trips in to the dealer. I have the extended warranty so they have been doing all my work.

The sputtering most of the time can be very mild to the point that I feel that my mind is playing tricks on me. But I know that I am losing power. I live in southern california and drive the freeways everyday to work. They tell me they have done everything to diagnose it. The last two times they replaced the EGR and my battery. The last time it lurched to a halt on the freeway and the check engine light came on the first time that had happened.

What fault code did you get specifically? Since this post have they figured out the problem? Please please please help… I am at my wits end. The computer fault code was PO? Hope this helps. What happened when it would begin to sputter and you gave it more gas? Mine lurches worse when I do that. It only seems to get a bit better when I let off the gas and then try again. Did they clear your computer when you took it into the mechanic?

I have no idea if they cleared the computer. Good luck. My independent mechanic scanned it and also found a POI have a Legacy GT withmiles. Just recently it started to stutter and lose power in 3rd gear at rpm. Car seems to be running fine when driving it at less aggressive speeds. BoholMark answered 5 years ago. Bflosnow answered 5 years ago. If I keep the RPM's below the there is no noticeable issues. Is rpm the cut off point? Is it unable to gain any more rpm's? Like as if it is up against the governor?

It would seem that way but I can get it up to RPMs in 2nd gear and then it sputters but not as bad. Had a CEL on about 3 weeks ago took it in and they found nothing. Light is off right now. Just had the oil changed 2 weeks ago? Could that cause this? I am taking it into the dealer next week for a tune up.

The low oil might be the problem. Add a quart and see if that helps. As for the tune up. I would hold off on that.

However, the dealer can read codes that AutoZone and other parts places can't. Give the dealer the information that you have given here. Still having an issue.

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